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Cutting weight with a boyfriend

As I mentioned before , there was a time I put on a lot of weight and only suddenly realised it. So how was this weight gain so sneakily? When you are with a partner you inevitably spend a lot of time with them. This means you may be in each others company when you need to eat. This means 9/10 you will need to eat the same thing and agree on it. Now I can only speak for myself being a straight female . Men generally have a faster metabolism than women which means they have no qualms eating heavy carbohydrate meals such as pasta or rice or sandwiches. However, women are more inclined to store any excess sugars as fat, and as these carbohydrate meals have high sugar levels, it’s likely there will be weight gain from them. In my last weight cut I wanted to obviously avoid big meals but I also wanted to eat dinner with my boyfriend and for him to have the same thing. Now this is where you have to get clever. You don’t want them to think they are on a diet too if they don’t want to be. (You may be lucky and they may also want to take on the challenge in an act of support). However if you don’t want meal times to be a dramatic affair , you can find compromise, but the food you use has to be convincing. I own an amazing kitchen tool called a spiraliser. It’s cone shaped and turns whatever you twist into it into strings. This could be converted into say spaghetti , tagliatelle or noodles. I generally used a courgette when making this carbohydrate substitute, but I’m sure you can use carrot or cucumber too. Now you have a wide variety of meals made with this substitute, and you can even get silly with the names to make it more fun. Courgetti Bolognese, chicken zoodle stir fry and pesto courtelle. As long as you make the flavour believable, you soon realise how unnecessary the extra carbs are. Substituting carbs is one thing but you also have to get comfortable with spices and herbs. This takes practice but through my dieting I’ve picked up a few good ones. Fajita chicken flavouring can be made with paprika, cumin , cider vinegar and a pinch of salt. You can then put them in lettuce wraps to again avoid carbs. Garlic and rosemary on my sweet potato chips that have been baked in coconut oil. Another of my go to spices is Chinese 5 spice. Wack that with a bit of liquid aminos (braggs soy sauce) and you have a delicious oriental flavouring for your stir fry or baked salmon. I started dating my boyfriend during my weight cut and he had no questions or upset when I served him these healthy meals. Admittedly he was also dieting for a fight , but he still enjoyed every meal and didn’t avoid coming round for tea. Then again, when would a man ever turn down a home prepared dinner ! First question was always ‘what’s cooking?’ Now I’m off the weight cut we still enjoy our healthy dinners, but now I’ve been top trumped by his mothers authentic Vietnamese cooking. She prepares amazing baked whole fish using just fresh garlic and ginger. She also enhances dishes using fragment herbs like mint and coriander . There’s also always plenty of steamed broccoli , which she seems to make better as well! (Safe to say I’ve got work to do before he picks my cooking before is mums.) It’s important to take inspiration from different cuisines so be experimental with new flavours and combinations. You will be surprised the difference a touch of cinnamon or fresh ginger makes .

Setting a goal.

When a fighter does a weight cut ultimately there is a huge motive for doing this. There is a date set for you and a set of scales to meet and communicate a fixed weight. If you do not make weight, you may not be able to fight and you will be fined. Not only that but you will also feel a sense of failure before you have even stepped in the ring. All in all, not reaching your goal can be pretty disappointing. This is why it must be something you really want to achieve. The first time I ever Lost a substantial bit of weight I had set myself a target weight and a target date to achieve.It was when I was 19, I did the classic getting fat because I was happy in love with my first boyfriend. The time when you don’t feel guilty for eating a whole pizza because they will still be there, eating one with you. (All this history has made me very cautious with how much eating I’m doing with my current boyfriend.) my cousin was set to be married in 2 months time and I couldn’t face the idea of seeing all my family in one place while I felt like a baby elephant in the room. I went on a very strict calorie counting diet using the phone app my fitness pal. I ran every day and went to the gym everyday. Sure enough with my determination , I lost 2 stone in 2 months and looked great on the day and felt even better for having achieved my goal. As a person I’m very determined naturally. I grew up with two brothers and it was very competitive. This is why I find sticking to goals easy,as failure is never an option. So I can appreciate other people who may need a bit more structure and purpose. It’s all very well wanting to be fitter, trimmer and healthier but without an actual reason to change and a target, naturally you would be doing these things anyway. This is why this diet isn’t just a temporary fix. It begins to tap into your lifestyle. You feel the benefits of natural eating and regular training and it makes you feel good. When it feels good you won’t want to stop. However initially you have to get onto the boat before you can sail away into a sea of coconut water . So are you preparing for a fight? Do you have a wedding to attend? A holiday to go on? Or you just feel like surprising your girlfriend with a new set of abs on her birthday. Whatever the reason, find one. It just gives the questions in your head an answer. Why can’t I have a pint? But it’s only one slice, just one? Rules are rules, and if you break them you’ve failed your goal and you will not reach what you set out to do. It sounds harsh but the more emphasis and pressure you put on reaching this goal, the easier it will be to say ‘actually , one chocolate is not worth failing myself. I can do it.’
Put yourself in the situation now. There’s are bowl of chips. Would just one measly chip be worth breaking all the rules you’ve spent so much effort and energy preparing and working towards. Losing the chance to achieve a major goal in such a minor amount of time in comparison to your life span? Doesn’t seem worth it now does it? That’s why only one leads to more and then you just say ahh forget this I’ll start tomorrow. It always just starts with one, so don’t let anything slide. Be firm and you will forget the chip.
Now, before you start this diet, get a pen and paper and write down the date and weight and reason. Fold it up and keep it with you. It’s a contract to yourself , breaking it will be consequential.