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Eat healthy without eating into savings 

It’s not a lie that having a healthy living in 2016 doesn’t come cheap. With so many different super foods and supplements recommended for optimum health , sometimes your budget just won’t allow the maca as well as the baobab. 

These last few years there has been a huge increase in people wanting to be the cleanest, healthiest and 100% natural and organic. 

I recently read an article about a woman who became victim to the health trend. It inspired me to write this article about how we can have the clean living but without going into serious debt because of a fad.

I started super clean eating in 2013 when cutting for my first fight. At this time a shop assistant would think I was speaking a foreign language when asking for flaxseed or chia seeds. Now they have whole aisles dedicated to superfoods. 

Back then there was much less option for where to buy these things, so unfortunately I did end up in whole foods £30 down with only 3 items. 

I had to educate myself with what it was in these foods I was looking to benefit from and finding either alternatives , or finding stores that won’t double the price of the item because Kate Hudson uses the same one. 

For example, coconut oil in health food shops can be around £10-£15. In supermarkets £5-£8. In African hair shops, it’s £2.50. It’s exactly the same stuff, it just isn’t in a fancy container with all the hype and fuss on the label.

Sometimes chia seeds are hard to find, like a chia seed in a hay stack. Waitrose have started a new selection of health foods at a reasonable price. £4 for 300g, rather than £12 for 400g in Holland and barratt.

Speaking of Holland and barratt, always be aware of when they are doing a half price sale or penny sale. There’s nothing worse than buying something full price and the next day they half it. It hurts. In addition, getting their loyalty card is an absolute must. I’ve had vouchers for £6 off and I don’t even shop there religiously! They are definitely worth having, and getting their emails too.

Lastly, my biggest trick is beginning of the day fresh shopping. If you are in London this is the trick. Find a waitrose where it’s not likely people would do their full shop. For example Westfield shopping centre or Holborn high street. Get in there first thing and so much good fruit and veg is reduced. And it’s all so good it’s probably still fresher than asda produce at normal price. 

So eating healthy doesn’t need to break the bank. Be sensible with what you buy, shop around , and make your own smoothies and juices rather than paying someone £8 to blend up 50p worth of fruit . 

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