Food prepping. Fail to prepare….

 I was inspired to write this article as every morning I see something that raises my eyebrow. Today it was a fully grown adult man, chomping away at a whole tube of Pringles at 6 in the morning. One of my biggest hates is first thing in the morning,the smell of someone sitting next to me with a boost energy drink. It blows my mind that intelligent humans treat their bodies in this way. I can only come to the conclusion that it must be because of laziness. All the items I see commuters consume that are negative are usually fast food. It’s become my new favourite tube entertainment, trying to spot the sneaky commuter tucking into their breakfast of dinner, or how many red bulls and boosts will I see this morning? Maybe they can justify it because they claim they are in too much of a rush to eat any better . I rarely get on an evening tube after training and don’t find myself opposite an overworked city boy/girl dipping into their brown bag of mcshite. Admittedly it does smell amazing , but shit can be covered with oust so I’m sure mcdonalds have fragranced their food tactically. So why do these tubers chose mcdonalds and Pringles instead of a healthier take away option? It’s expensive? The worry it won’t be filling enough? You don’t get a free toy with a quinoa salad from m&s? Whatever the reason , in a moment of hunger, we make bad choices. I’ve been there. There have been times I’ve been so hungry on the go I’ve grabbed a snickers from the corner shop. But this sort of behaviour was never acceptable during a weight cut. This is why I always prepared food for every occasion. On a friends birthday I even went to the night club with nakd bars in my clutch purse just so I didn’t make a poor choice. Food preparation is key to being successful with healthy weight loss and management. I usually leave my house everyday at 7am and get home from training around 9.30pm. So how is it I manage to prepare my breakfast , lunch and an immunity smoothie everyday? As soon as I get in from training I know what I need to do. The oven goes on, I throw in two chicken breasts , first seasoned with some garlic lemon honey and sea salt . I then throw some vegetables in a saucepan and begin to boil them . On a board I chop up cucumber avocado kiwi ginger mint and squeeze a lime , throw it all in a blender with spinach apple juice and coconut water. Blend. In a Tupperware throw spinach , pre made quinoa , tomato , beetroot and top with the cooked chicken. Another Tupperware has oats flaxseed chia seed dates banana almond butter blueberries and coconut milk. All that’s left to do is eat the vegetables and cooked chicken and wash down with a peppermint tea. It’s all about having a plan and following it and it doesn’t need to take all night. When I was a kid my mum taught me to make my own lunch for school. I actually remember my step dad was so lazy, he would pay me 50p to make his too. In life I think we have two main tasks, sleeping and eating . It’s crazy to think so many humans can’t be bothered to do one of these tasks properly. Don’t get me wrong , I haven’t written this article to have a go or be smart, I can genuinely empathise with how hard fast paced work in London can be. But with this article I’m hoping I can inspire you to push your efforts to be healthy with a few simple tips and tricks. So here are a few things I think may get you started. 

Freezing meat and fish in individual portions to be defrosted daily. When you buy a packet of chicken, you aren’t going to eat it all at once . Cling film each piece and freeze . 

Do your food shopping after a gym session, and have a list. I always feel inspired to eat better after I have trained. The hormones put you in the right mood to make positive choices. So when you see the beetroot in the fridge and think why did I buy this, you know you may aswell eat it, it’s there now. 

Pre make accompanying carbs. Of course it’s better to eat fresh but who has the time to boil quinoa every night? That’s why all these pre cooked packets of rice and lentils are making such a killing. Just make it on the Sunday and add it to your salads through the week. 

Lockable lunch boxes. Nothing puts you off pre packing a lunch more than when it leaks all over your bag. 

Double your dinner and have the rest for lunch. Can backfire when hungry boyfriends come round and steal it. 

Follow inspiring healthy profiles on Instagram. They pop up on your feed and encourage you to experiment with your courgette spiraliser. It also makes you take more pictures of your own healthy food giving you a motive to make something that looks impressively healthy. 

Eat what you like and drink what you are not so keen on. I find it hard to chomp down spinach leaves with my lunch so I blend most of it into my smoothie. I like eating peppers and beetroot so I put it in my salads. 

Lastly make sure you are making something you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy it then you are more likely to ditch it for the sandwich next door. When you are hungry you reach for high carb high sugar, but it’s not what you need and you just feel bloated and sick afterwards. 

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