Top fat burners for summer bodies 

Top fat burning workouts 
When losing weight for a fight it’s important to challenge your body so it loses body fat healthily and efficiently . All bodies are different, so you may need to experiment yourself to find what works best for you. 

In my experience I know there are three things that help me lose weight. These are running, spinning, and martial arts. 

Yesterday I got the opportunity to try a spin class at psycle in central London. It made me realise what a great activity spinning can be for weight loss. The music keeps you motivated, the instructor keeps you engaged and the class around you keeps you encouraged. When an activity makes you forget the time, it’s more likely to work for you. I currently teach spin at gymbox and have noticed a difference to how trim I am since taking it up. 

The Same goes for martial arts. In boxing or wrestling I have to focus on the moves and combinations , so less thought is spent thinking about how tired I’m getting. A great class for beginners in martial arts in fight klub. Being an instructor of this class shows me how my participants focus and deliver up to the very last punch, and then they collapse exhausted at the end. My encouragement , the music motivating and the classmates enthusiasm makes this class a great fat burner. 

Lastly it’s the running. It’s a great fat burner but it can be the least popular activity. What can get you through it? Well gyms may have running clubs that mean you can run with other people to keep you motivated. Gymbox has started running club where you can run together on the streets of London. Making a great playlist, setting running goals and picking a good location will help motivate you into running that extra mile. Apps like run keeper are also good for setting goals and keeping progress. 

With Summer on the way, the time is now to start burning the fat and feeling good. ☀️

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