Sweat before Brek

Obviously Brek is not a word or how you spell breakfast but it rolls off the tongue better. 

This article is about motivating yourself to burn body fat before the day has even begun. I’ve learnt from weight cutting and general trimming down that I’m more successful at weight loss when I train first thing in the morning. 

Many people argue there’s not enough time or they couldn’t do it all before work. But who can’t get out of bed 30 minutes earlier? It’s all it takes. 

When cutting for my last fight I would get up at 5am instead of my usual 5.45am and throw on a tracksuit and trainers and pound he streets for only 25 mins. I had a little circuit and even did a couple of body weight exercises inbetween. It made a lot of difference. I lost body fat quicker and also became more cardio fit. Just 45 mins less time in bed it was definitely worth it . 

Working out first thing does a number of things to benefit you. Firstly it boosts your metabolism so you burn for the rest of the day. Secondly it boosts your happy hormones so you are more positive in the morning. It will also encourage you to make more sensible decisions of food to eat as you know it wouldn’t be worth getting up early just to eat the progress away. 

To extend your morning burn try having a shot of ice cold lemon juice and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper to spike that metabolism even further. Not for the faint hearted but it brings back the lost electrolytes and the Icey coldness wakes up your digestive system. 

So push it that extra mile and sweat your Brek before you’ve eaten it  ✌️ 

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