I often refer to goals and setting targets when it comes to training. It’s important to know why you are doing something otherwise it has no purpose and this leads to no motivation .sometimes in my gym I find myself trying to squeeze goals out of customers to get them on the path to success. Unfortunately paths are very rarely undistracted. Along the way you may bump into a family party, a leaving do, a new partner a twisted ankle etc. Basically , we naturally like to add some spice in our lives, but it doesn’t mix too well with the bland taste of gym on a Friday evening. So I’ve been thinking of a new edge. Something that will keep someone consistent rather than constant. It’s not training for an upcoming party or wedding, or even training just so you can post photos and videos on Instagram. It’s training for life. The idea that to train is part of your everyday tasks rather than an additional. You don’t miss a days sleep, or a days worth of meals so why miss a days work on your body. Your body is a machine that needs running everyday. How can you accept that you are a bit weak, or that you can’t even run for the bus without getting out of breath. It’s a bit pathetic that the one body you have to look after , is being neglected. You may think you are happier going home at 5pm just to eat a box meal and watch junk tv, but realistically all you will lead yourself to is unhappiness and even depression.There’s no better feeling than finishing everyday knowing you ate well , worked hard and feel happy. So join a good gym, or find a friend to chase you in the park. Whatever you do be it little or beastly, treat your body with respect and take it for a walk. #trainingforlife

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