The power of running 

The power of running. 
There are always different reactions to running, some respond with talk of a past or upcoming marathon, some say I can’t run, some speak of Injury that means they can’t run. All reactions aside, running to me is a very unique exercise . It’s one that challenges the body in multiple ways , not just the legs. Running has a rhythm that must be constant. It’s a rhythm you must have full engagement with in order to not trip or fall. 

Walking is an exercise we will carry out almost everyday. It’s the most natural form of exercise where the body will not require much alertness. It’s a casual exercise that can be done sub consciously.  

Now think what happens to the brain when you begin to run. Unlike walking, there must be a reason you are running. Danger? Excitement? Fear? Basically when the body begins to run, the brain becomes alert and very aware of what it’s doing. It fires up the heart to pump more blood, it supports the lungs to inhale more oxygen, it makes sure the eyes and ears are aware of the atmosphere. Now you must begin to focus, engage with the bodies rhythm of commands. From breathing , to picking up and dropping the feet and holding posture. 

I believe the reason people find running so difficult is the amount it challenges as you multi task the body inside and out. 

I wrestle regularly and this to me is a challenging exercise. However it’s very different from running. In wrestling I’m solely focussed on my position and my opponent . I forget my breathing, I forget my energy levels. It’s all about beating the opponent. In Running you have no opponent , it’s all on you. It’s easy to give up when running as you are almost too concious of energy levels and cardio ability. Having a partner with you or a route to complete will help you continue and push beyond normal capability. 

I was Watching the movie girl on the train and the character with severe anxiety and depression said ‘the only time I feel myself is when I’m running.’ 

Whether this is a link to expressing her desperation to run away, running still disconnects the feeling of being trapped and weighed down. When you run you are free and in control. When my father passed away I ran. It was the most comforting thing to do as it too made me feel like I was in control and the strain on my body helped my mind relax.There’s a lot of therapeutic power in running that can solve a lot of problems like stress and depression. 

So next time you refuse the idea of running, think of the benefits you will do mentally as well as physically. 

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