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Never tapping out means never giving up. In the whole of my life there’s one thing I’ve learnt about myself and that’s I never quit. In school I was that highly annoying student that competed in every team, stayed late to finish art projects and basically didn’t want to go home unless I achieved something. I collect qualifications like Pokemon cards, i definitely get that from my mother. Recently i decided I wanted to dedicate my life to teaching people about health and fitness, aswell as trying to become a pro MMA fighter. I think a good way to tell you are truely in love with something is when you firstly can’t shut up about it but secondly when you’ve spoken about it so much you have no one left to tell so you start writing about it. This is why I have started this website. My passion and love for this topic is so strong It’s the closest I’ll get to having torretsyndrome , it just bursts out of me uncontrollably. But I don’t think it’s always a negative thing. It seemed too coisidental that everyone I sat next to at work suddenly became very fit and healthy, I just couldn’t shut up.

So in a nut shell, hello my name is Sofie. I’m a professional MMA fighter from London . My team is pancrase London in gymbox west. I work a full time job and still make room to train everyday , teach classes and make my packed lunches every evening. I love animals too much but that’s a whole new story.I’ve had to lose 10kg twice so I’m very good at it now. I like taking pictures of my bum but I can’t post them as my boyfriend gets mad. I have a big bum. That’s me! I hope you enjoy what I have to say, I made this site for you so please explore and get in touch.

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