The rules

As an overview of what I believe helps you lose 10kg in 10 weeks, ive pin pointed the main rules to follow as a reference . I hope this helps make food choices more simple. 

  • Check ingredients not calories. – many people look at the calorie fat and protein content of the food they are eating. The most important thing really is what is it? Food is better if it doesn’t require ingredients, I.e an apple is an apple. However things like quinoa and meat kinda need packets. Is everything in the product natural? Less ingredients the better, unless it’s candyfloss which is just sugar. 
  • No refined sugar- so if you see the word sugar, glucose, sucralose, fructose , and syrup on a product then don’t eat it. And you will be surprised, sugar can even be found in smoked salmon and chicken. 
  • No dairy- i don’t care how many body builders advice it, cheese is not good. Milk in general is very processed , it inhibits cardio and its fattening. Switch to almond or coconut milk, it’s made of plants not cow bacteria. 
  • No refined carbohydrates- simple as, no bread, no white pasta or potato. No white rice and no white flour. Quinoa, sweet potato , oats and brown rice are your best carb friends now. 
  • Drink water- loads of it
  • Be not hungry not full- don’t finish eating when your feeling full up, stop when you know you are no longer hungry. So eat slowly so you know . 
  • Eat based on your training- carbohydrates and good fats before training so you have energy, protein and vegetables after to recover.
  • Little and often- have snacks to keep metabolism going . Natural bars, fruit and nuts (in small doses)